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Air Rifle
At NGPSSA we shoot the following air rifle classes:
  • Light Varmint
A more sophisticated rifle is used in the LV class. Steyr's, Ev's and Theoben's are the most commonly used rifle in this class. There is no limit on scope magnification for LV. Time limit is 20 minutes to complete 25 score diagrams. You may shoot as many sighters as needed. See the rules for more information about rifle limitations. Distance to target is 25m.
  • Heavy Varmint
As with the class the rifle get more sophisticated with more energy and weight allowance. Time limit, distance and course of fire is the same as LV class. A Sporter and LV rifle may be used to shoot in this class.


25m Score Target 
Air Rifle Shooting 



  • International Sporter
This is a 50m score shoot class. Max scope magnification is 6.5x. You have 20 minutes to complete 25 scoring shots. See the rules for more information regarding rifle limitations.
  • Light Varmint
This is a 50m score shoot class. Scope magnification is unlimited, but the rifle has a weight limit of 10,5lbs. See the rules for more information regarding rifle limitations.
  • Heavy Varmint
This is a 50m score shoot class. Scope magnification is unlimited, but the rifle has a weight limit of 15lbs. See the rules for more information regarding rifle limitations.
50m Score Target


A typical rimfire benchrest rifle 
  • Hunter Grouping
This is a class hosted by GNBSA for hunters or the occasional shooter who only needs some 'practise'. You have to shoot 3 group shots in 7 minutes. This rifle has to be a standard shelf rifle, not a class for the experienced benchrest shooter. As this is a only a club event it will only be shot a league competitions. During a league you will shoot only 3 relays.
  • Factory Hunter
This is a score shoot class. Max scope magnification is 12x. You have to shoot 5 scoring shots within 7 minutes. Rifle to be used is a standard hunting rifle with no modifications. During league and provincial competitions you will shoot 3 relays at 100m and 200m.
  • Hunter
An IBS class for the serious competitor. Max scope magnification is 6x. In this class you will shoot at 100m and 200m. You will have 7 minutes to complete 5 scoring shots on your target. During league, provincial and national competitions you will shoot 5 relays at each distance.
100m Score Target 
200m Score Target 
Varmint for Score
This is score shooting with a group shooting rifle. At the Nationals each year the Top 10 is more usually than not separated by X count. Each target consists of five scoring diagrams and one sighter target, you have to shoot five scoring shots on the score diagrams, you may shoot as many as needed on the sighter target, all of this in 7 minutes.
This class is shot at 100m and 200m to determine the VFS Grand winner at the end of competition.
This discipline is part of the African Regional Championships and the team is chosen through the ranking system. By qualifying for the team you are awarded Federation Colours only as this is not an international event you are not eligable for National Colours.
Scope magnification is unlimited.
This event is shot under IBS rules.
A very successful VFS rifle - 6PPC 
Nationals 2009 VFS Firing line 
 300yd Fly Shoot
This is a fun shoot event that will test your skill to hit a fly in the center of your target at 300yds. Each competitor is required to shoot 3 scoring shots per target at 3 targets. Because this is a fun event there are no official rules except for the fact that you must have fun!
300yd Grouping
This too is a fun event hosted by the club to encourage its members to try their hand at group shooting at 300yds. You will be required to shoot 3 shots scoring shot per target at 3 targets with the goal to shoot a group as small as possible.
Centrefire Group Shooting for the ultimate in benchrest, the 2 Gun Event where the men are separated from the boys!
This class is the final stop in benchrest, the ultimate test of skill, equipment and WIND. It is not always the best equipment that wins, but good equipment and excellent wind interpretation should carry you to the podium. Keeping your composure is not always easy especially after that 4 and 1 group (were the 1 is usually a fair distance away from the 4).
This class is divided into two - Light Varmint(LV) and Heavy Varmint(HV), the weight limit for LV is 10.5lbs and 13.5lbs for HV. Scope magnification is unlimited.
During competition you will shoot five shots as close to each other as possible, it sounds easy, but has to be done in 7 minutes. In each class you will shoot 5 targets at 100m and 200m.
After each relay the target is measured where after a aggregate is calculated and the competitor with the smallest "AGG" is the winner.
This event is shot under IBS rules.
100m Group Target 
200m Group Target 
What it is supposed to look like.... 
What's up with this wind.....give me break!